Is Too Much Social Networking Making Us Selfish?

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If you are like most Internet users, you probably log onto your favorite social networking sites at least once a day. Although there are tons of benefits to using social networking sites, such as building your brand, keeping in touch with friends and family members who you don’t see often and even promoting your business, there are some disadvantages to the frequent use of these sites as well. For instance, it seems as if people are getting more and more selfish due to Continue reading

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Why Facebook Replaced Myspace as the Social Media King

May 1st, 2013 | Uncategorized | Comments Off   

The mighty social media site Myspace has fallen tremendously in the eyes of the public. Facebook has definitely overtaken the once great Myspace by a tremendous margin. How did this happen? It did not happen overnight, but the public quickly began to realize Facebook is the much better managed social network. A major problem with Myspace was spamming. Actually, this problem still exists to this very day. It is easy to sign up on Myspace under an assumed name and send out unsolicited emails in large volumes.Confused? May 2013

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